At 1864 CAFÉ®, we treasure long-term relationships and aim for mutual business growth.

  1. For small and medium coffee shops, hospital and school cafeterias:
    Thunder No.1 1864 CAFÉ® coffees retailed at 49.000VND are offered at 30.000VND/220g. Your business is profitable even if you sell a cup of coffee for 8.000VND.
  2. For retailers and wholesalers:
    Retailers and wholesalers are eligible to sell all 1864 CAFÉ® products. Enjoy trade discounts at a very high rate.
  3. For large coffeehouses:
    We can work together under the franchising model to give consumers access to natural and pure coffee. For consumers’ health, let’s say no to flavored and adulterated coffee.
  4. For supermarkets, International Trading companies and distributors:
    1864 CAFÉ® is fully capable of providing reliable supply of coffee products in unlimited quantities. Official documents and certificates of compliance with food safety regulations and standards are available upon request.